Trelliswork is traditionally used as a distinct visual detail for many garden structures. The elements of trelliswork are essentially thin pieces of wood overlapped or layered in various patterns and shapes. This style of woodwork is used for the support of climbing vines on a wall, as a style of fencing with a light and open feel and for the walls and roofs of gazebos and arbours. Trelliswork is intended to be pleasing to the eye, in its proportion and detail, to bring joy and delight to the garden.

During the 1700’s and 1800’s the French built many structures at their palaces employing this style of woodwork.

trellis 2

Trellises are most useful for providing a framework on which to create interest, particularly up against boring, undifferentiated walls. They can also be used, however, to divide a garden into separate and distinct garden rooms, essentially forming living walls.

This style of woodwork is also known as treillage and lattice.