wheelThe properties of wood as a building material with its fibrous and cellular nature are a distinct asset for the woodworker.

These properties allow us the ability to cut, bend and sculpt wood into different curves, arcs and twists. Many structures can be built from a variety of metals that can have these same shaping properties as wood but it does not compare to the look of wood or the practical weight factor in large dimension structures.

curved beamThe techniques that we use for laminated curved arches are to first cut thin strips of wood and then glue them back together following a form or jig to give it a new shape. High quality marine epoxies or polyurethane glues are used as the adhesive and are totally waterproof with incredible strength. By paying attention to grain orientation and shades of colour the finished curve looks as one piece of wood somehow perfectly bent into shape.

The creative enhancements to landscape design are limitless with our ability to create what was thought to be only imaginable. From simple arches to large curved beams we have the capability to provide a custom component to any project that you are building.