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Ferguson Woodworks has been involved in high quality landscape carpentry for over 30 years producing garden woodwork for various contractors and landscape architects throughout southern Ontario.

How We Do It

trefoil arch

Projects are built primarily with red cedar or pine for excellent durability and finish. All joinery is fastened with waterproof epoxies or polyurethane glues as well as exterior screws and galvanized fasteners as needed.


rose arbour

All items are at a minimum sealed with two coats of oil based primer and finished with a stock white finish or the stain colour of your choice prior to delivery. A properly constructed, finished and maintained wooden garden structure will endure for many generations.

Our primary activity is curved laminations as well as a range of garden woodwork production styles of trompe l'oeil, obelisks, planters, arbours and trellises. Each of the structures that you see on these pages are from past completed custom projects and display a sampling of the quality you can expect in our range of production items.

Curved Laminations

curved wood

The techniques that we use for laminated curved arches are to first cut thin strips of wood and then glue them back together following a form or jig to give it a new shape. High quality marine epoxies or polyurethane glues are used as the adhesive and are totally waterproof with permanent durability.

Garden Appeal

trellis 2

The individual architectural elements of a house can be repeated on this garden structure in the form of trim styling and beam end treatments. The result is a structure that fits well into the landscape and ties the style of the house and the design of the garden together with a sense of harmony.

Timeless Classics

paris garden

The traditional use of arbours and pergolas in the garden has been as a well defined entryway or as a passageway between two distinct areas of the garden. These structures are often used as the climbing framework for vines or more typically as the classic rose arbour.

My service fills a need in the market for quality garden structures at a cost effective price point. The simplicity of our product range allows for high quality construction and the cost savings from production efficiencies. All products are available by referral only.